Successful Strategy for Integrating Web and Print Design- Chris Thurman

         This article by Chris Thurman, is about the differences similarities and joining of two entirely opposite yet similar concepts, web and print design. Firstly, the major difference is that, “the design of print will always be viewed as “complete”—no scrolling or sliding is necessary to take in the entire concept. Contrast this with web media, where “big” designs require careful planning and modification to bring off” (Thurman). This is a clear statement, print media has both higher contrast and visual dominance, whereas web media and design has unlimited view potential and ease of access on a massive scale, with the added benefit of content attached to the design.  Both are worlds apart yet can be combined to form a more effective result to a broader audience. To be effective a print designer must be completely aware of their limitations being printer capability, format and space as well as location and purpose. The true integration of the both is what creates a seamless product. The web design must incorporate the print media and vice versa, including URLs in the print media brings users to the site while referencing the print media in the web post will draw in a different audience. The goal is to send the same message to both audiences and be able to incorporate both.

            Print media is something the world has sort of forgotten about. Either companies use it and seem to not draw in those clients or don’t rely on it at all and miss out on a potential audience. Incorporating both ensures that all audiences have an outlet to find you or your design which in the end is the entire goal. This is important because new creators forget the use of print advertising and promotion and how it can be effective at gaining a new audience or clientele.  I have not yet used print media for my sites, but that is mainly because none of them are for my own personal enrichment or gain, but I am creating website for a group here at JMU soon and I intend to exploit both venues to create a following.


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